About me

Who is Kaisa Pihlaja?

Well, shortly, I’m a thirty-something woman with a background in studying humanities (mainly languages) but work experience from Information and Communication Technology business area (this is something that still amazes me sometimes that how I, a humanist, ended up working with technology), now on a 2-year study leave and on a second round in the university.

Doing what?

Studying in University of Oulu in an  international Master’s degree program called Learning, Education and Technology (LET). So again combining humanities and technology, but now from a bit of a different viewpoint (that is, education).

But why?

Firstly, hoping to understand how people learn and what would be the best ways to utilise technology in the learning process, and secondly, to be able to use this information and apply it into working life later on. Thirdly, maybe on a more personal level, hoping to learn something new about myself as a learner and be comfortable exploring and using different technology.

So this is me


and this blog is about my journey as a student in Learning, Education and Technology -program, that will reflect all the things I learn during the two years of study.


2 Responses to About me

  1. soolumbum says:

    Hello Kaisa,
    Here is Huong, your classmate and also your peer almost time at LET study so far ^^. I would like to give you some feedback on your blog from a peer-perspective.

    Firstly, there are some of my thoughts on your blog posts: it seems that you are really good at managing your writing and always meet the deadline of assignments. I really enjoy reading your own thoughts, views and opinions about what we have learned. Your writing are very clear, coherent and easy to follow your flow of thinking. The way you summarize and conclude the lessons learnt are simple but logical and understandable. It visibly reflects that your self-regulation has been developed effectively during the course. Sounds good, right?! ^^

    Concerning the structure, I would say that you manage your blog in a very understandable and clear way. It takes not much time to get an overview of what you have in your blogs, what do you want to share and which ways you share your information. To make it clearer, I think you can also create and add your posts into categories (Ex: Minor subjects, Major subjects, etc), it would be more logical and visible compared with the tags.

    Generally, it is pleasant and comfortable to follow your journey with LET through this blog. I highly appreciate your work! Keep discovering your journey as much as possible .


    • kaipihla says:

      Hi Huong,
      and thank you for your kind comments. 🙂

      I actually did what you mentioned, so I added categories (minor and major subjects, and courses under them), so the posts will be easier to find and follow when the posts related to different courses start to build up.

      It’s been very nice to work with you in our first courses, and I’m looking forward to our next group (collaborative) work during the upcoming courses!

      – Kaisa


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